This is the saga of Susan, starting over again..but with a fresh perspective..this time,,,its all about MEEEEEEEEE.....LOL
And why bother unless the relationship is all about MEEEEE
Published on October 9, 2006 By LeaSusan In Dating
Honestly, I am not joking. All of my past relationships have been about everyone else but ME...The most rewarding relationship I have had is with ME...

I mean, really...think about it..
He says "you arent paying attention to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

Do you see? Its all about MEEEEEEE....

This is exhausting, and in the infamous words of Austin Powers..."I'M SPENT" (I'M is equalivalent to MEEEEEEEE)

on Oct 09, 2006
Honestly you're not joking? Then you might think about the fact that a relationship is labeled "personal" to distinguish it from "professional" relationships (those at work where an emotional distance is more appropriate).

As to personal relationships being about "ME"... yes, people are selfish. All people. I mean, if YOU weren't selfish, you wouldn't care that your past boyfriends (or whatever) were. And I'd go so far as to say there's nothing wrong with being selfish, although complete self-centeredness (as you seem to have experienced) will indeed erode and eventually destroy any positive feelings in a "personal" relationship.
on Oct 09, 2006
Of course it's all about me. I'm glad you realize this. You free for dinner?
on Oct 09, 2006
on Oct 09, 2006
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on Oct 10, 2006
Interesting thoughts on personal relationships...What do you call a relationship with an animal?? ..I guess that would be bestiality, and I am not going there today...
I had a great date last night..with MEE..MEE was so sweet and said all the right things to MEEE..The entire focus was on MEEE..When dinner was served, guess who ate first and got the best choices? MEEEE....There as a nice hot bubble bath just for MEEEE...and let MEEE tell you,,,I got up in the morning and looked at MEEEEE, and for the first time in a long time, wasnt disturbed by who it wassleeping with MEEEE ..It was Just MEEEEE...